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Telex, llc offers several services for the Utility and Government sectors. Our steadfast focus of safety, security, and maintenance sets us apart from the competition. Some of our services include Protective Relay Testing & Calibration, Functional Commissioning/Operational Testing, and Apparatus/Equipment Testing.

Low & Medium Voltage

Your equipment is valuable, we understand that, and at Telex, llc, we take that seriously. Every piece of equipment is important, and that is why we offer a full range of testing services specifically for your company and budget.


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High Voltage Testing

Technical knowledge and proper safety precautions are critical when dealing with high-voltage equipment, and our engineers are highly trained in these areas.

To ensure proper precautions are take, we have implemented a safety program that each employee and engineer must adhere to. Our safety record stands on it’s own; we pride ourselves on our commitment to employee safety and our technical experience to complete the job on time, to budget, and without incident.


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